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TABOR FAMILY HISTORY FROM 1400 (UK, US and worldwide)

This site will initially concentrate on the Tabor family line known to live in Frome, Somerset, England in the eighteenth century. Others lived in Bruton, Nunney, Stourton, Kilmington, Fugglestone, Wilton, Batcombe and Trowbridge in Somerset and Wiltshire between 1560 and the present day.

The site also has a large section on the war diary of Henry Tabor who served in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) in World War One (The Great War) from 1915 to 1918. This covers Henry Tabor's first hand involvement in the Battle of the Somme as a wireless operator attached to various heavy artillery batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA).

In time we hope to add details of the Tabors living in Essex from 1437 (around Bocking, Ingatestone and Stisted), the Tabors from Batcombe, Wiltshire who sailed to New England in 1635 and notable past and present Tabors worldwide.

The names Tabor and Taber are used interchangeably in this site as they are in effect simply different spellings of the same name.  There are currently about 27,000 Tabors and 11,000 Tabers worldwide, with 19,300 Tabors in the USA and 4,500 in the UK.  Tabor is the 1,526th most common surname in the UK and the 1,936th in the USA.

If you have any information on or have a question about the Somerset or Wiltshire Tabors or Tabers please email by clicking here.


Latest Articles

Henry Tabor's World War One Diary

Henry Tabor's 1916 diary covering his time in the Battle of the Somme as a wireless operator with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) attached to various Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) siege batteries.

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Thomas Tabor

Photograph circa 1865

Thomas Tabor lived: Frome, Somerset. Born: 9 December 1832 Died: 11 October 1868.

See Thomas Tabor's family tree here.

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