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Albert Edward Tabor, the youngest son of Thomas Tabor was born at 17 Beecham Cliff Place , Bath on 9 August 1864 .  His earlier history was as with his elder brothers and he accompanied his stepfather John Chorley and mother to London in the 1870s. 

He became a bookbinder (like Tom) and married Maria Grogan in Dalston probably around 1886.  Some years later the family moved to Bristol and lived at 63 Dunkerry Road until Maria died in 1973 (and possibly after). 

They had eight children.  There were two sons, Thomas, who was killed in France in 1915 aged 20 and Albert who married Betty Powell and had one daughter.  Consequently there were no male Tabor survivors.  The six daughters were Laura who died in childhood, Maria who died 1973, Florence, Nell and the youngest child, Ethel May, who was born on 7 may 1910 and died on 24 January 1991 in Almondesbury, Bristol.  She had married and her married name was Holmes.  They had one daughter Gill who married David Whiting.  They have no children (1997) and live in Almondsbury, Bristol , (77 Woodlands Park, 01454 616729).  They are the only contact we have with the ĎAlbertí side of the family and clearly there will be no male Tabors. 

None of these facts has been verified other than Albertís birth certificate. © peter james tabor 2004  

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