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Frederick William Tabor, the eldest son of Thomas and Priscilla, was born in 1858.  On 23 November 1880 , then living at 74 Richmond Road , Haggerston, he married Elizabeth Mary Newland Morton from nearby Lenthall Road .

Elizabeth Mary’s sister was Eleanor Susanna Newland Morton who married Edmund Henry Wood in 1884.  After his death she became a successful business woman with a woman’s clothing business.  She died from cancer in 1919 and left her substantial estate, including six London homes, amongst them her residence then 49 Darnley Road , to her niece Gertrude Davey (Tabor), half in trust for her son, Cecil Davey.  Much of this estate was lost in an investment by the Daveys and when Cecil died in 1994 he left very little apart from his house.  Cecil was the only son of Gertrude and William Davey and although Cecil married Adele there were no children, thus the Frederick William line died out.

Frederick William had been a Post Office employee all of his life.  Edmund Henry Wood who married Elizabeth Mary’s sister, Eleanor Susanna was also a Post Office employee.  Frederick and Elizabeth had three daughters, Gertrude born in 1882, Maud born in 1886 and Ethel in 1888.  Both the younger girls died in childhood, Maud at 10 years while the family was in Aston Birmingham and Ethel at 11 months of meningitis.  Frederick ’s eldest daughter, Gertrude was married to on 18 September 1905 , aged 23 to William Joseph Davey, a plasterer, both of Walthamstow, their father witnessing the marriage.

At around 1911, Gertrude and William emigrated to the united States after the birth of their only child Cecil.  It is not known whether Frederick went with them or even visited.  He died on 18 July 1913 at 54 years from heart failure and cirrhosis of the liver.  He was described on his certificate as a Post Office Pensioner.  Still trying to trace Elizabeth Mary. © peter james tabor 2004  

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