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Henry Tabor's 1916 War Diary

 December 1916



1916 Diary entry

Research & comments 2003


7 Thu

Returned to Squadron.  No hopes of leave.  [last note in diary]

Henry Tabor was to remain on the western front in France for another two years and two months. 



A True incident

*Cannon came into billet and started talking about cafes.  He said “there is a fine café up by the engineers yard, you can get a big bowl of coffee for 1 ½ d”.  I said “what is it café au lait or café noir?”  His reply was “Oh no it’s a farmhouse”

* Cannon, a typical Yorkshireman

True story of Sterly (alias Chicko)

Party of telephonists were out burying cable in a small trench, along comes a war baby sub[1]. “what are you doing my men, burying telephone wire?”, “no”  answered Chick, “making a trench for bantams”.


Map ID




Left the poly

29th Nov 1915


Left Dover for Avonmouth

5th Dec 1915


Left Avonmouth for Bristol

8th Dec 1915


Left Bristol for Southampton

9th Dec 1915


Left Southampton for Rouen [via Havre]

10th Dec 1915


Rest camp at Rouen

12th to 14 Dec 1915


At St Omer

15th to 23 Dec 1915


At Bertangles

23rd Dec 1915 to 6th Jan 1916


At Martinsart [now Mesnil-Martinsart]

6th Jan to 14th Feb


(Nr Suzanne, Dragons Wood) [near Vaux Wood]

14th Feb to 9th March


(Nr Suzanne, U Copse)

9th March to 2 June


Trigger Valley [Billon Wood - Bronfay Fme, between Suzanne & Carnoy]

2 June to July 4


La Pree Wood (near Carnoy) [SE of Carnoy – now called Bois St Cauchy]

July 4 to 18th


Other side of valley (near Carnoy)

July 18th to 20th


On road near Maricout Wood

July 20th to Sept 6th


At Morlancourt aerodrome

Sept 6th to Sept 14th


At Trones Wood (R510t)[?] [with 110th Siege ]

Sept 14th to 1st Oct

[1] A “war baby” was slang for “a young or inexperienced officer”.  A “sub” is a subaltern, a commissioned military officer below the rank of captain.  Bantam” was slang for a member of a battalion made up of men between the heights of 5'1" and 5'4", normally deemed as too short to have previously enlisted.


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