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Henry Tabor's 1916 War Diary

 November 1916



1916 Diary entry

Research & comments 2003


1 Wed


German attack on Sailly-Saillisel repulsed by French.  Allies advance north-east of Lesboeufs.


2 Thu


British capture trench east of Gueudecourt.


3 Fri




4 Sat

Promoted to full Corporal.



5 Sun




6 Mon




7 Tue


British progress east of Butte de Warlencourt and repulse German night attack west of Beaumont Hamel (north of the Ancre).  French capture Ablaincourt and Pressoir, and advance to outskirts of Gomiecourt.


8 Wed

Fritz blew up French ammunition dump tonight by bombs, plenty of row.

According to Haig “The total number of prisoners taken by us in the Somme battle between the 1st July and the 8th November is just over 38,000, including over 800 officers.  During the same period we captured 29 heavy guns, 96 field guns and field howitzers, 136 trench mortars, and 54 machine guns.”


9 Thu

Hostile aircraft again busy tonight.

Aerial battle between 30 British aeroplanes and 36 to 40 Germans near Bapaume.

End of 3rd Phase of Battle of the Somme .


10 Fri

Hostile aircraft very active tonight, plenty of wind up here.



11 Sat




12 Sun




13 Mon


Battle of the Ancre: British capture St. Pierre Divion (south of Ancre) and Beaumont Hamel (north of Ancre) and nearly 4,000 prisoners.

Fourth phase of Battle of the Somme begins.


14 Tue


Somme , north: British capture Beaucourt-sur-Ancre and advance east of Butte de Warlencourt.

Somme , south: German attack at Ablaincourt and Pressoir largely repulsed.


15 Wed


Somme , south: Germans gain footing west of St Pierre Vaast Wood and eastern part of Pressoir; fail to gain Ablaincourt.


16 Thu




17 Fri




18 Sat




19 Sun


End of Battle of the Somme :

British and Imperial casualties between July 1 and November 19, 1916 totalled approximately 420,000 while the French lost just over 200,000. German losses have been variously estimated as between 450,000 and 680,000.


20 Mon

Came to Central station to take Cpl Kongarn’s [?] place whilst on leave



21 Tue

Finch went on leave last night.



22 Wed

[?] went last night.  I should have gone, cheer up.



26 Sun




27 Mon


From Sir Douglas Haig's C.I.C. 2nd Despatch , 23 December 1916 :

“In this combination between infantry and artillery the Royal Flying Corps played a highly important part.  The admirable work of this Corps has been a very satisfactory feature of the battle.  Under the conditions of modern war the duties of the Air Service are many and varied.

They include the regulation and control of artillery fire by indicating targets and observing and reporting the results of rounds; the taking of photographs of enemy trenches, strong points, battery positions, and of the effect of bombardments; and the observation of the movements of the enemy behind his lines.

The greatest skill and daring has been shown in the performance of all these duties, as well as in bombing expeditions.  Our Air Service has also co-operated with our infantry in their assaults, signalling the position of our attacking troops and turning machine guns on to the enemy infantry and even on to his batteries in action.”


28 Tue




Next month


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