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Henry Tabor's 1916 War Diary

 October 1916



1916 Diary entry

Research & comments 2003


1 Sun

Came back to aerodrome this evening.

Moved to Morlancourt Aerodrome, home of 9 Squadron, where he stayed for the rest of the year.

British attack on line Eaucourt-Le Sars (on Albert-Bapaume road); all objectives taken on front of 3,000 yards, Eaucourt occupied.


2 Mon

Saw doctor this morning, have got to rest.  Touch of debility.



3 Tue

Still queer, had another days rest.



4 Wed

Bit better today.



5 Thu

Nothing much doing.  Old Tom Finch came back this evening, dam glad to see him.

British advance north-east of Eaucourt.


6 Fri

Acting Corporal from today.  Don’t relish the job very much.  Still will try and stick it.



7 Sat

No drill this morning thank goodness.

British and French advance on Albert-Bapaume road.  British advance 1,000 yards and capture Le Sars.


8 Sun

Awarded the Military Medal, very pleased.

Had to walk from Maricourt to Guillemont this evening, got back at 11 pm .

Military Medals were awarded to non-commissioned officers and men for individual or associated acts of bravery on the recommendation of a Commander-in-Chief in the field.

Henry Tabor’s citation reads:

“For good work as wireless operators, and gallantry under heavy shell fire on the 4th Army Front, during the battle of the Somme from July the 1st to September the 30th 1916 the following have been granted the Military Medal with immediate award:

Williams John Lewis 2/AM 8191 No 3 Squadron

Pitcher Arthur Edwin 2/AM 8192 No 3 Sqdn

Dowling William Henry 1/AM 7754 No 9 Sqdn

Tabor Henry Thomas 2/AM 7754 No 9 Sqdn

Watson George Lewis Gordon 2/AM 8237 No 34

Middleton James Charles 2/AM 8847 No 34 Sd“

[Honours and Awards List RFC]


9 Mon

Nothing much doing today.  Finch went out to batteries.

Had a fine concert this evening.



10 Tue

Went out with Lieut Turner, got lost, some game, eventually found the Headquarters on the Briquitera Road , got back at 9 pm .

South of Somme, French advance on three-mile front and take all objectives, Bois de Chaulnes and Ablaincourt, and 1,400 prisoners.


11 Wed

Nothing much doing today.



12 Thu

Went round batteries today on my own, very successful, got through to Guillemont and visited all of them.  Got back at 7:15 .

British Artillery at Guillemont


13 Fri

Had Cap frog instead of drill.  Lot of rot.  Finch went round today.



14 Sat

Visited 15 batteries today, had to walk from Bernafay Wood.



15 Sun

Nothing much doing, had half day off and had a bath, quite a treat.



16 Mon

Only got round 9 batteries today.  Held up on road and then had to walk from Bernafay.



17 Tue

Repairing instruments etc today.  Turned very wet tonight.



18 Wed

Didn’t go out today, too wet.



19 Thu

Finch unable to go out, same as yesterday pouring like Hades.



20 Fri

Got round to a few batteries put a station out to 20 Div.



21 Sat

Nothing much to note.



22 Sun

Left at 3:30 pm got to Guillemont and then walked to Morval.


The results of artillery bombardment. The once tree lined road to Guillemont. Aug-1916.


23 Mon


British advance towards Le Transloy capture 1,000 yards enemy trenches.


24 Tue




25 Wed




26 Thu

Left at 7:30 did fine visited all batteries in neighbourhood Guillemont.



27 Fri

Instrument repairing, had a bon feed tonight.



28 Sat

Went out at 7:30 today, took mast sections and ropes to 155 Heavy, brought Shackel back, getting a commission.

155 Heavy Battery , Royal Garrison Artillery.


29 Sun




30 Mon




31 Tue


Colleague killed: Edward Charles Josling, 2/AM 7600 RFC, 9th Squadron.  Born 1895, aged 21.  Son of Frederick Charles and Ellen Sophia Josling, of 101, Peabody Cottages, Rosendale Rd., Herne Hill, London.  Buried at Carnoy Military Cemetery , Grave reference: W. 13.  [from].





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